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Celebrating Oxytocin - Flyer.
Special Thanks for making Haiti possible!


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Celebrating Oxytocin - Flyer.

Celebrating Oxytocin3.doc (DOC — 515 KB)

$50 off Placenta Encapsulation during the entire month of February!

Special Thanks for making Haiti possible!

I'd like to start my story off by saying thank you to everyone who made this trip possible :) 

Many, many thanks to my amazing preceptor,Brandi Lauher LMwho has supported through this incredible journey and so graciously offered her home for our fundraising event. 
To our amazing catererStephanie Oelsligle for donating her services and providing such delicious food, to my wonderful friends who volunteered their time, to each individual donor who gave what they could, and most importantly to my family who sacrificed so much to make this happen.